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          Bibliothecia Maska: The Library [Raiji's Resin Army]

Welcome wise souls to the Bibliothecia Maska's archive library... here you will see the files of the members of the Order and folks with connections that are under the watchful eye of Commander Raiji.

This is basically a mini intro of my Asian Resin Ball Jointed Dolls, and there characters. You can find me and my horde around on DOA, DovetreeBJD, and Dairyland- Handle: Raiji Magiwind

The Bibliothecia Maska was a sort of entity/organization I decided to create to explain sort of the mashup of characters my crew represents, as two are characters from anime, and the rest are from different worlds, realities, and so on, so I had to figure out something to explain how they all where in the same place/time on occasion. They are a bit Torchwood, a bit Men in Black and bit Warehouse 13. They deal with reality altering events, aliens, demons, weird artifacts and a bunch of other stuff...

So here's the crew thus far...



The Skybound Warrior Alchemist/Magician; Order Bibliothecia Maska

(LUTS Abadon- 1st Gen)

--aka NOT the CotBK version

Arrival Date: January 29, 2010

Birthday: February 2 (Imbolc) -Aquarius

Faceup: Luts Default

Tattoo's: Raiji Magiwind (Me) 

Icarus is the resident tech nerd and big time magician on campus. He hails from a world in a alternate reality that mixes Steampunk/Neo Victorian with modern technology and magic. There he is the crown prince and also leader of the Griffin and Dragon Riders and Commander of the Royal Air Squadron. As a member of the Order, he brings his bookworm knowledge and his handiness with a wrench as one of the groups chief researchers and mechanics.

--Interesting notes from Raiji: His middle name is homage to a character from “Meri Puri”, and his last name was a tip to his 

--Interesting notes from Raiji: His middle name is homage to a character from “Meri Puri”, and his last name was a tip to his former owner and life, where he was named Brashen. 



The Rockstar and Occult Enthusiast; Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tiashe

(LUTS Bory Boy)

Arrive Date: July 12, 2010

Birthday: August 1st (Lughnasadh) -Leo

Faceup: Initial-aibakaneko (DOA); Current- Kymera (DOA)

Tattoo’s and Blushing: Kymera 

By day and one half of his life, Tsuna is a collage student at Wayne State University (yes this is an actual local collage) and lead singer of a punk rock band called AlKhemy, where he goes by the stage name Tsusame. When he isn't juggling the insanity of a collage students life, he's a member of the Order. He is one of there newest members, after he sort of inadvertently nearly tried to destroy reality, which led him to find out, he's actually not exactly all human, among other things. He now works side by side with his 'partner', Tiashe as an agent for the Order. His specialty is the use of time and dimension magic, which he is learning how to use from Tiashe, along with other things such as combat and general magic. 

 --Interesting notes from Raiji: His first name stuck on after a marathon of “Katekyo Hitman Reborn”. His middle is another homage to “07 Ghost” referring to the Eye of Mikhail. His last is homage to his former owner, Commadore (handle), a fellow local owner.



The Bookman Alchemist/Magician; Prince of Hell, Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tsuna

(LUTS Maska Elf Fullset- *Limited*)

Arrive Date: 6/1/2011

Birthday: December 1st (Sagittarius)

Faceup: Luts Default

Tiashe is the half demon prince of one of the realms of Hell. Son of one of the Lords of Hell and a human Magi female. He has one younger brother named Amaimon. He works for the Order as one of there top agents and specializes in portal magic, dimension magic and combat. He is partnered with Tsuna under a contract (think of something similar to the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji as a rough idea). The details of there contract and there partnership is a bit complex, but it works. He is currently teaching Tsuna about his power and other things, so he doesn't try to destroy the cosmos sometime in the near future.

--Interesting notes from Raiji: His name is in fact the real name of the main character, Teito Klien, from the series “07 Ghost”.  



Portal Guardian Order Bibliothecia Maska; Crown Prince of Hell

(Soom Bygg Fullset)

Arrive Date: 12/6/2012

Birthday: October 31 (Samhain) -Scorpio

Amaimon is the younger brother of Tiashe and is a full demon, unlike his older brother who is only a half. Like his brother, he is a prince of Hell. He is currently set as the crown prince, though it is something he has in title for various reasons. As a member of the Order, he operates as a Portal Guardian and keeper of the gates between worlds, realities and other such similar things. Basically he a gatekeeper or something akin to say Heimdall of Norse mythology. He might be small, but he can kick your arse quite easily, between his great skill with magic and combat. Even his older brother knows to avoid him when he's pissed off.

--Interesting notes from Raiji: While his first name relates to in this sense a homage to Ao no Exorcist. Amaimon, in traditional Demonology (or studies of the Ars Goetia) in one of the handful of Princes of Hell, and has ties to the Asmodai (demons connected to Lust). His Middle name is another demon Prince of Hell, usually associated with ingenious inventions and discovery as well as wealth, but usually at a cost that would be a mix of Sloth and Greed... 


 Here are the ones who are under the Orders watchful for some reason or other...



Image courtesy of Spiritgal or Squeaky Toy Studios 

 EDWARD ELRIC aka "The Fullmetal Alchemist"

The Fullmetal Alchemist

(DiM MnM Custom Head/Leekeworld L-Type Real Boy Body/Loongsoul Jointed Hands)

Arrival Date: 11-18-2010 (H), 2/24/2011 (B)

Birthday: February 3rd -Aquarius 

Date of Importance to Character: 3.Oct.10 (11 in BH)

Faceup: Kymera

Scarring and Blushing: Kymera 

Clothing: Custom Commission by Brandon of Wicked Stichery

Everyone's favorite alchemist. Edward is one of those cocky, and rough and tumble types. But at the same time he has a heart of gold. He is currently under watch by the Order after the incident with Tsuna, as it was discovered that Tsuna's power had the power to also not just deal in dimensional magic, but could apparently also manifest characters from stories and other fictional sources, as if the story itself was a reality. He got pulled through from the FMA world into ours unconsciously by Tsuna, who happens to be a big fan of the series. 

 -Interesting notes from Raiji: He was my first anime character based doll I decided to go for. FMA is one of my favorite series’, for its story and interesting characters. Vic Mignogna has met this BJD of Ed, and he found him quite interesting. Feel free to ask for the story sometime. 


 ALLEN WALKER -"Allen or Al"

~Exorcist (Status Frozen)-Parasite Type-; 14th/Musician (Noah)~

(Dream of Doll: DOC Hoo)

Arrival Date: 03/16/2012 (Shuto-con '12 Weekend)

Birthday: December 25th -Capricorn

Faceup: Kymera

Scarring, Tattoo and Blushing: Kymera 

Scarring, Tattoo and Blushing: Kymera

Timcampy: Raiji Magiwind 

Beloved Exorcist of fans of the series D. Grayman. A troubled, yet kind hearted soul. Like Edward he was another poor soul that fell victim to Tsuna's uncontrolled power and was pulled from the fictional world of D. Grayman to ours. He is another favorite of Tsuna's when it comes to characters from fictional series'.

-Interesting notes from Raiji: He was my second decision for an anime character based doll. I fell in love with Allen’s character, and with the story of the series. I am modeling him to follow the POST Edo/Noah’s Arc ark Allen of the manga. That is part of the series when he is at the Asian branch and reacquires his Innocence in it’s Crowned Clown form. 

Todd Haberkorn has also seen him and thought he was absolutely awesome. Another fun con story to ask about...:)