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            Glomp Etiquette and Other Convention Savvy Things...

The Great Commandments of the Glomp

-written by Raiji Magiwind, 1st 'Ninja' and 2nd in Command; ACEN Glomp Team


Copyright: sasorixhinata- Flickr (used with permission) 

Copyright: sasorixhinata- Flickr (used with permission) 

 I provide to you, the sort of formerly "unwritten" Commandments of the Glomp art. If you are the type who is interested in pursuing this semi-beloved con tradition, then PLEASE read the following below. It will make everyone happy, and potentially save you from getting your face smashed into a wall or beaten to death by a Cloud..



2. Thou shalt be respectful of thy Cons property and the Hotels. Unless thou wish to pay for thy damages…
(Or be evicted from thee premises) 

3. Thou shalt not use thy art of the Glomp to commit a crime, such as theft…

4. Thou shall respect the wishes of thy fellow Cosplayers if they say “NO”. AND WE MEAN THIS. TRULY!!! Harassing person, may lead to either being 'beaten' with prop or guided by person to nearest Staffer/IRT personnel. 

5. Thou shall not use the art for the purpose of lewd or obscene nature…

6. For the sake of thyself and your target, remove all things, sharp, pointy, and stabby…

7. Thou should allow for thy target to remove or set down props, delicate costume pieces and other easily damaged goods…before thy glomp

8. Thou shall not hang on thy target after glomp like a leech. It is uncomfortable after a while and can eventually lead to breaking Rule 2.
(You also likely do not wish to be sent bill for chiropractic services...trust me, they are not cheap...)

9. In the event you wish to do a ‘surprise glomp’, still adhere to Rule 1, and arrange for person to expect said attack around certain time.
(A exception to this rule may be if person is a close friend or roommate, but still always fall back to Rule 1 if needed)

10. In addition to Rule 3, respect the fellow con goers surrounding target, and give due warning so they can move away, and not become ‘collateral damage…’

11. Thou shall thank thee target for there cooperation. It is good relations and polite. 



 Some general convention advice from myself and members of Anime League (AL) of the Conventions, Meetup's and Clubs forum and Cosplaying forums there...

Advice from Members- Raiji Magiwind (R- me), gokumidnighteve (G), Delve (D), x.chibi balmung-san.x (B- 4 balmung which is what we call him for short), Ramirez (Ra), and angelic (A)

 1. Buy your tickets early. Unless you're only attending a few days, you can buy your tickets on one of the days you don't go; but show up in line an hour before it ends--usually an afternoon is good because most people are at the con itself by that time. (D)

2. Always bring plenty of money, but don't keep it all in one place. If you're going to carry a good amount of money keep it in multiple pockets, or if you can, hidden in your hotel room. If you ask nice enough I'm sure a dealer will hold onto an item while you go to grab your money. (B)

3. It's very important you try and budget or you'll end up blowing all your money on plushies and stuff in the first day. (don't want to go hungry for the rest of the convention now do we) (G)

4. If you plan to get your tickets day of, arrive EARLY, bring all paperwork, some sort of photo ID (some cons are now making this a requirement), and defiantly a few things to keep you occupied, cause lines get long REAL fast. Computers always like to SNAFU too. Even if you pre-reg still expect to arrive early cause the pre-reg lines can sometimes be longer, if not WORSE then the 'day of' lines. (R)

5. If you have ANY sort of medical condition (ie diabetes, allergies, etc), that could require emergency care, notify and make this aware to Staff as soon as you arrive, though if you Pre-reg, note this on your pre-reg stuff and remind them when you arrive. Carry your medication on you at all times, know your triggers. If you can, keep data about this on a card on your person or give to Staff so they now how to direct EMT or emergency response staff. (R)

6. Good for not only conventions, but in general life. If you carry a cell phone, take the top three people you would want called in the case of an emergency, medical or otherwise and ICE (In Case of Emergency) there names. Save these numbers as such. IE: "Mom" becomes "ICE Mom" or ICE- Mom". With changing times, many EMT's, rescue personnel and security personnel have become aware of this growing slang "ICE" and if they find a cell on a person, particularly in a medical emergency, they will search your address book for this "ICE". Those marked as such will the FIRST people they will call in such an emergency. (R)

7. I owe this tip to MCS' (Michigan Cosplay Society) resident 'mom' Venus. If your going by car, take a cooler with ya and pack it with sandwiches, water, juice and pop. You can also put other good foods in there too, plus it serves double duty if you buy something that requires refrigeration later. Take a small bag and fill it with things like Nutri-grain bars, fruit roll ups, pop tarts and other good little snacks. These two things will help give you alternatives to filling up on Pocky and Pop all weekend, plus help keep that budget from being blown to hell when it comes to ordering out. (R)

8. Eat regularly people!! Trust me, Pocky, sugar and caffeine only make not a happy con-goer. You cannot sustain on these things alone. Please at least eat a good meal at least twice a day. Also HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!!

9. The golden rule of ACEN and the famous catch phrase, "Got Soap?" In other words for the love of all that be holy, PLEASE bathe at least once a day during a con. Your fellow otaku will love you, as will your roomies. (R)

10. Always carry what I like to call the almighty "Godsend" Kits. You should have two, one for medical/hygienic purposes, one for cosplay purposes.
The first I found should consist of at least: Tylonol, Advil, Sudafed (or other sinus stuff), Benadryl, Airborne (Trust me, take these before and during con to avoid the dreaded 'Con Plague'--Recommended at least 2-3 days prior at least 3x's a day, same through con and at least 2-3 days after- There not cheap, but there worth the money), Band-aids, New Skin (liquid skin bandage stuff- particularly good for fingers or area where flexibility is needed), some tampons/ sanitary napkins (particularly the ladies, even if you ain't got evil aunt flo, you may be the 'godsend' of fellow female roomie), any medications you are taking.
The cosplay one you should have at least: some thread in colors for each costume you have or something universal like white, a few scraps of fabric in colors close to those of your costume (good for large damage repairs), small roll of duct tape/ electrical tape (you'd be amazed at what you can save with this stuff), sharpies in various colors (in case you need to spot fix something with something of a different color, say on a prop, you can use these to at least make it less noticeable)

To both of these you can add to meet your needs of needs of your fellow roomies. I myself for a few cons, was the godsend to a few roomies who where like thank you God! (R)

11. For the love of the staff of the con and the hotels you stay in, RESPECT them PLEASE!!! These people usually are working extra hours and there butts off to make sure your stay there and the con are memorable. Help them out by keeping your room neat and clean, and pick up after yourself. Get to know the staff of the hotel, get friendly with them and ask them there recommendations if you decide to go out say for dinner or such. The nicer you treat the hotel staff and the nicer you treat those hard working con staffers, the nicer they will be to you (and usually respond to things you want form them faster too... ). If you have the spare change to do so, tip hotel staff as appropriate. You can probably Google it to learn more on what to tip if you have the cash to do so. (R)

12. SLEEP! As much as we think we are all Superman during them long con weekends, attempt to get at least a few hours of sleep every night. It keeps your body in good shape and less prone to potentially getting the dreaded bane of all cons "Con Plague" (basically coming home and a few days to week later feel like a mack truck hit you or that you have a combination of a sinus infection, the flu and getting into a fist fight with the Hulk).
Not to mention, having at least just enough sleep will mean not falling asleep during the fun stuff you want to do, like that Anime Hell panel you been drooling to go to for a month. (R)

13. Re-read number 9. We're really serious about that one. (B)

14. Plan your schedules ahead of time! There may be a screening or an event you are just dying to go to but you need to make sure you manage your schedule so that you arrive on time. Most cons post their schedules up before the con, so organize your time sufficiently so you can get the best out of your con experience. (D)

15. In light of 14, expect the unexpected!!. Plan your schedule, but ALWAYS have a back up, or something to do while in line, cause you never know when a panel or event might run/start late or be canceled last minute due to technical difficulties or them not acquiring something in time (especially for screenings of new anime). That PSP or DS might be pretty inviting then...(R)

16. Following on from this rule (# 2)..... NEVER give piggy-backs whilst money is in your back pocket, your bound to lose it! (Ra)

17. If you're cosplaying, there is no harm in bringing a couple needles, threads, pins and if all else fails, crazy glue and tape. That was emergency touch ups will not be an issue. (A)

18. If you're looking for something specific at the con, tell your friends so that you can all scout for the item and find what the best deal is. (D)

19. The last day of the con is the best time to buy stuff at really low prices, although it is not recommended to wait till the last day to buy something 'specific'--buying on the last day should be on stuff you find that is a good deal. For example: $1 manga, regardless of what it is--it is a steal. I usually just buy it and give it away to friends who didn't go. XD (D)

20: I think we've forgotten possibly the most important thing, have fun and don't let anything stress you out, have fun and mingle with your fellow con goers. (G)

21. In addition to 19, don't be too worry free. While it's important to have fun, it's just as important to account for everything that could happen.(B)

 22. Another thought to 19 and 20. Also be aware of what is going on around you at all time, even if do so subconsciously. If your gut says somethings not right, then find a member of the Staff and say something. You might just be the one everyone thanks later when that gut feeling turns out to be worth it, particularly if the gut feeling involves a potential 'bad seed' or troublemaker at the con, that you get booted before they do something really dangerous. (R) 


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