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                                      Links and Affiliates

Welcome to the area where you can link to all the other places I call home. These links includes some of my favorite websites, locations to my art not uploaded here, my cosplay gallery, and even affiliates.

If you are interested in possibly being added to my Affiliate list, then feel free to contact me either here on the site or at my main e-mail address listed in the contacts sections of the site.

Raiji's Second Homes
These are the places other then here I spend a lot of time with. These are my other things like my art pages, cosplay, and Myspace type areas.
-Apparently the English Cure and World Cosplay became one....>.>-
-Replaced Photobucket, cause now they whack...>.>=
-Come ask shit about cosplay and advice- 
-Official Blog for the WBtB Fanfic by Raij and VoiceofDeath on AO3- 
-Place I keep most of my bios for characters and stuff mainly-
-A work in progress-
-Basically a WIP and place for all my bios/backstories for RP side of my SWTOR toons- 
-Basically a Google Groups group for Homestuckers... -
Raiji Magiwind-Admin 
-A page/site where I keep the list of kinks I play with for NSFW Roleplay -
Raiji's Favorite Places
These are my favorite spots to hang out in general online, and more then likely where you will find me...I'll put my member name after the descriptions, so that if you wish to contact me on those sites, you can, or if you are asked who referred you, you'll know...:D

Anime League (AL)

A friendly and slightly insane community we are, but with over 20,000 people, it's one of the biggest and most unique. We celebrate of passions for Anime, Gaming, Role-Playing, as well as general discussions. Come join the fun!!
AL Member Name: Raiji Magiwind
A site for roleplay and some general conversation. Please be aware this site MAY contain offensive content, yaoi, yuri and other material that may not be appropriate for minors. Discretion of the visitor is advised and parental discretion of those under the are of fourteen is strongly recommended.... 
OFT Handle: Raiji Magiwind (Site Admin)
This forum is home to custom sabersmith and custom lightsaber collectors. Formerly Imperial Royal Arms, though a change of name due to initials getting associated with others things...
A good place to learn more about the custom saber community and learns stuff, as well as catch a chance to get in on limited runs of customs by popular sabersmiths. 
Affiliates/Fellow Reccomended Artist's

Go to these wonderful places to visit some either very cool sites, or some of my very cool friends, whom deserve a little love. Tell 'em that Raiji sent ya!!!

Chioky-- Chioky is a great artist to visit, especially if your interested in swordmaking. This gentleman has some wonderful tutorials that are just amazing. Also to boot, if your a Bleach cosplayer, then you defiantly must check him out as he has a good number of the Bleach Zanpaktou Tsuba guard's that you can use to allow you to get that guard just right...:D

Ven-Chan-- This wonderful lady is a excellent commissioner, and cosplayer. You can check her out on DeviantART. Her DevianART handle is VenturertheHybrid. You can also find her at FurAffinity: Valiax