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                                         NaNoWriMo Stuff

Here is basically stuff from my participation in NaNoWriMo....


Camp NaNoWriMo  

--Session Goals usually half Nano, or 25K--

 Session Four (July 2014)

Novel: Passion Fire | Series: Homestuck


Session Three (April 2014)

Novel: Shenanigans at the Castle | Series: Homestuck


 Session Two (June 2013)

Novel: Blood Moon: A Homestuck Prompt Collection | Series: Homestuck


  Session One (April 2013)

Novel: Melody of the Heart: A DW Love Story | Series: Doctor Who



Year Five (2015)

Novel: Taboo Contract | Word Count: -- (at Validation)

Series: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) 


Year Four (2014)  

Novel: Life at Makara Castle (A Set of WBtB Shorts) | Word Count:  60,055 (at Validation)

Series: Homestuck 


Year Three (2013)

Novel: Vacillation | Word Count: 61,094 (at Validation)

Series: Homestuck 


Year Two (2012)

Novel: Animus Nocturnus Sonata | Word Count: 58,338 (at Validation)

Series: Doctor Who/Persona Crossover


Year One (2011)

Novel: A Discordant Insanity | Word Count: 56164 @_@'

Series: Bibliothecia Maska: Tsuna'a Story