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                                      About Your Pandora Team


Raiji Magiwind

 You can catch her via-

E-mail: raijimagiwind@gmail.com

Discord Tag:  RaijiMagiwind#5603 (ON REGULARLY)

Skype: raijimagiwind (ON Rarely)

Pokemon GO Friend Code: RaijiMagiwind || 3024 7077 1540

Origin: RaijiMagiwind

Steam: RaijiMagiwnd

Battlenet: Raiji#11265

UPlay/Ubisoft Club: RaijiMagiwind

PSN: RaijiMagiwind

XBox Live: RaijiMagiwind


 My passions include anime, manga, drawing, the Occult, reading, writing, GFX stuffs, and video games. I'm also a freelance voice actor/podcaster, avid role player and cosplayer!

I am the semi famous Philemon, and runner of the Dark Hour gathering at a few conventions. I am also the one you may have heard referred to around Midwest cons, and AWA or Otakon as the "Edception Edward", because of the fact I cosplay Ed with a BJD version of myself (Edward) in tow. 


I'm a fanartist, as well as original works I also do a variety of GFX stuff. Photography is another, I also hit several cons...
The tools of my trade are many...
I do take commissions on occasion, specifically small prop commissions, jewelry and just recently started getting into some limited BJD related commissions. At this time, limited to jewelry, small props and some tattoo design.  

I am a collector and photographer of BJD's. I am Raiji Magiwind on Den of Angels. I currently own three LUTS boys, a Bory, an Abadon and a Maska Elf; named Tsuna, Icarus and Tiashe. I also own a Edward Elric DiM MnM Head on a Leekeworld body, a Dream of Doll Hoo named Allen Walker and a Soom Bygg named Amaimon.  


I am also a Wiccan. I am a Pagan Solitary Eclectic (Celtic Fairie, Egyptian, Norse, Native American traditions). I have been practicing since I was about 17, after choosing to step away from my Catholic faith I was raised somewhat on most of my life. I chose at the time to leave the Christian faith as I found at the time I could no longer follow a faith that had become so corrupted.


Owner of the BJD Collectors, Commisioners and Fans webring